Current Programs and Initiatives

ArtWorks Program

ArtWorks is a collaborative program delivered by United World Voices to empower and engage homeless youth in Ottawa. ArtWorks provides youth with essential life skills in a casual, low pressure creative environment that bridges artistic expression with personal achievement, entrepreneurialism, and sustainable living practices. With the goal of improving income generation opportunities for homeless youth, this six-week program enables participants to design, craft, and sell one-of-a-kind handcrafted items such as belts, jewelry and other household items using recycled tire materials.

Guided by facilitators from the arts community, participants have the opportunity to learn how artistic self-expression and dedication can translate into income generating opportunities. Inspirational presentations and facilitated discussions provide a platform for group discussions relating to sustainable life off the streets, creative expression, and important work-place skills.


Community Sports Program

United World Voices has teamed up with Confederation Court Community House and Canadian Olympic bobsledder Cody Sorensen to deliver an evening sports program for at-risk youth in Ottawa. The program is available for youth from 15-18 years old. Through participation in sports, the program strives to help youth build new friendships, connect and share their experiences, and learn valuable life lessons such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-confidence.


Sewing and Tailoring Skills Development Program

The development of skills to earn income and benefit families is a key element of empowerment and security. UWV delivers a sewing and tailoring skills development program for low income and immigrant women to help them build the foundation for improved livelihoods. With our program, we bring the equipment and instructors to the community and adapt the program to their cultural needs. We are currently piloting this program together with Ottawa Community Housing.


UWV House: An Integrated Orphanage and School

UWV is raising funds for the establishment of a community based orphanage and school for children and youth. UWV House will embody the integrated programming and principals of UWV. It will support the emotional and psychological development of children while providing a secure environment for basic education. As the children grow to be youth, the focus will expand to include development of specialized skills and the entrepreneurial drive to build sustainable livelihoods and businesses within their communities. While at UWV House, children will be encouraged to explore their full potential while simultaneously developing a strong sense of self. The role of the individual in society will also be reinforced using an approach that promotes peace, compassion, and the oneness of humanity. While having the capacity to accept anyone in need, UWV House will be particularly focussed on providing a safe environment for highly vulnerable children from conflict affected areas, families affected by HIV/AIDS, and child-headed households.


The UWV Vocational Skills Centre

UWV is raising funds for the development of a dedicated vocational skills development centre. This centre will incorporate both a residency and training facility for youth that have been affected by war. The UWV Vocational Skills Centre will provide trade skills training, life skills education, and entrepreneurship/business building mentorship together with critical psychological and social support. Combined with community based needs assessment, the Centre will train, incubate, graduate, and support youth to enable them to build sustainable businesses that provide value to their local or extended communities.