UVW was established as a registered Canadian charity to drive sustainable community based development. The vision and mission of UVW is rooted in the pragmatic and realistic passion of cofounders Elly Saidi and Carl Byers to impact and improve the human condition.

With their individual and shared experiences in developing countries and post-conflict environments, together they envisioned a strategy for change and development in environments of extreme poverty and inequality that truly empowers women, youth and children.

UWV was established to deliver on their vision for compassionate change and their common belief in the inherent capacity for individuals to develop and thrive within a secure and supportive environment.

Today, Elly serves as the organization’s CEO, responsible for the day-to-day activities of the organization and the management of its operations and programs. Carl actively supports the organization in areas of strategy, organizational development, and approaches to integrated human development in post-conflict environments.