Our mission at United World Voices is to serve individuals, families and communities in the world’s most vulnerable areas. We deliver programs and provide funding for initiatives that enhance the capacity of children, youth, and women to build secure and complete lives within their communities. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that:

  • Individuals work together in unity at all levels locally and across boundaries to build a better world; and,
  • People develop a voice to speak out and act in unity for change in their communities and throughout the world.

We facilitate this lasting change by encouraging the development and evolution of the whole person as well as the community in which he or she lives. We strive to:

  • Strengthen individual and communal capacity for self-help;
  • Provide economic opportunity through local initiatives that promote individual dignity and well-being, as well as unity, peace, and equity; and,
  • Encourage self-growth, self-sufficiency, equality, and community development through vocational training and empowerment of women, youth and children.

For more information about the underlying approach and philosophy of the work of UWV to improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable and impoverished, please email info@unitedworldvoices.org to request the UWV Discussion Paper on Integrated Holistic Development of Individuals and Communities.