Do You Have a Potential Project?

UWV considers a range of factors in the selection and definition of any potential project within our delivery mandate. Key considerations include:

  • Does the project have a critical focus on children, youth or women?
  • To what extent does the project incorporate gender equity considerations?
  • Does the project demonstrate effective integration of individual and community outcomes?
  • Is there the potential for wider community engagement with the project?
  • How does the project reduce poverty or create opportunities to build secure livelihoods?
  • Is there a demonstrable pathway to self-sufficiency and sustainment?
  • To what extent does the project stimulate cultural development (music/dance/drama) as part of its implementation?

To ensure the impact and sustainability of our programs, UWV provides our partners with:

  • Community-based needs, impact, and peacebuilding assessment
  • Assistance with overall strategic sustainability vision and holistic program consistency
  • Capacity development support and strategy mentoring to ensure successful outcomes
  • Financing solutions for both local NGOs and programs
  • Robust and transparent program assessment and evaluation

If you have a possible project that you believe will benefit your community, please contact United World Voices. A simple two page outline of the nature of your project and your profile will begin the process. We look forward to hearing from you and to exploring the opportunity to work together to create positive change.