What We Do

We work to improve the lives of vulnerable persons and communities by supporting education and basic health initiatives, expanding economic opportunity through life skills and vocational training, and enhancing the livelihoods of the vulnerable by promoting equality, dignity and human security.

Our programs seek to stimulate individuals and groups to become agents of change in their own right—to help one another prosper economically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our programs are tailored for specific communities and individuals to address their unique needs and challenges and to leverage their strengths to create new opportunities.

Placing focus on both the specific needs of individuals as well as the communities in which they live is a hallmark of the UWV approach to sustainable program delivery. We firmly believe well-being is not just about economic development. In the absence of broader social commitment, spiritual growth, and a passion to learn, economic gains become isolated hollow achievements that are not sustainable and that can actually be the cause of greater divisiveness.

Finally, we believe that effective and sustainable development within vulnerable populations in post-conflict environments requires a long term view with an integrated approach that combines knowledge and skill development with access to capital, mentorship, and psychological and social support. Trust, security, and economic opportunity can require time to take root, and UWV programs provide the consistent support to create the stable conditions that enable individuals to stand on their own and successfully build their livelihoods.