Our Approach

At UWV, we believe in the inherent capacity within every individual to grow, develop and better themselves and their communities. An environment characterized by openness, inclusiveness, equity, justice and compassion provides essential nutrients for the human spirit to thrive. UWV programs are designed to foster and create these fertile environments under the most harsh and challenging conditions.

UWV focuses on the development and evolution of the whole person and community through tailored, integrated programs designed to effectively develop vocational skills of youth and women, encourage education, and promote self- and community-development. We believe individuals and communities are inseparable; the growth of one requires and supports the enhancement of the other in a mutually reinforcing cycle. UWV programs are designed to enhance and stimulate this dynamic cycle of integrated growth to build sustainable conditions of trust, compassion, and equity.

Effective human and community capacity development requires a well-executed program. Every UWV program strives to create sustainable impact, beginning with an assessment of how best to serve the whole individual as well as the whole community. Using an integral framework that considers both internal and external factors, this assessment forms the basis for a holistic intervention program that emphasizes the regeneration of the human spirit and humanity’s inherent capacity to learn, overcome incredible challenges, and achieve greatness as individuals, communities, and societies.