Providing eye screening for over 600 children

In addition to learning from Bonnie at Child Haven International (CHI), I’ve been excited that I can give back to CHI as part of United World Voices activities throughout this trip. Eye ScreeningAt each of the homes, I have been conducting eye screening to determine if there are children that may need glasses or more detailed eye exams. Poor vision hinders the ability of a child to learn in the classroom and to develop the knowledge and skills that will lead to a better life, so identifying those that need corrective lenses is really critical. Over the past four weeks, I’ve provided eye screening to over 600 children in 5 homes and about 20 of those kids require some kind of vision correction. At each location, I’ve also taught the administrators and nurses in the CHI homes how to conduct the basic eye screening so that they can routinely screen the children themselves as part of their regular healthcare check-ups. Education and life skills is a key program element of United World Voices and good eyesight is fundamental to achieving that learning and launching children on a positive path. On behalf of UWV, I’ve been privileged on this trip to be able to support the children in each of the CHI homes with this critical service.

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